Nilton Moreira is a Brazilian flutist. He represents the new generation of flutists emerging in the Brazilian musical community. His career is highlighted by the interaction between Popular and Classical music, in the Brazilian and International scene and also playing at Symphonic Orchestras.

Nilton undertook post-doctoral research at McGill University (Canada). He is also Ph.D. in Musical Performance (UNIRIO, Brazil). Nilton played and taught in many music festivals and International events, including NFA Convention (Orlando – the USA, 2018), Hands On Flute (Aveiro, Portugal, 2017), World Flutes Festival (Mendoza, Argentina, 2017), Clínica de Música Brasilera Espacio Incluir (Santiago, Chile, 2017), McGill Brazilian music workshop (Montreal, Canada, 2016), among others. Currently, Nilton is the Flute professor of the Juiz de Fora Federal University (UFJF) in Brazil. 


  Classical Music


  • Symphonic Orchestra of Espírito Santo (Brazil)

  • National Symphony Orchestra (Brazil)

  • Symphony Orchestra of UFMG

  • Youth Brazilian Symphony Orchestra

  • Symphonic Band of UFMG













  • Winner of the competition UFMG Young Soloists, where he performed the Concerto for Flute and Orchestra in D Major by Mozart with the Orchestra of UFMG

  • Winner of the "Orchestra for All" competition (Brazilian Symphony Orchestra)

  • Winner of the Young Musician competition BDMG

  • Winner of the "Young Popular Musician BDMG" prize

  • Finalist of the NFA Jazz Artist Competition 2018

  • Finalist of the competition Weril - wind instruments

  • Finalist of the contest Henrique Niremberg chamber music





Popular Music


In the field of Brazilian popular music, Nilton integrated and recorded a CD with the Patápio Silva Sextet, containing various compositions of Patápio Silva and other Brazilian popular composers. Nilton also served as arranger and producer in this CD.

Nilton constantly works with popular music as a performer, composer, arranger and in recordings. He did important performances like at Indiana University, in the Latin American Music Center Convention, at Indiana University. He founded and played with the Choro Club of Montreal (Canada).

Music Research


Nilton presented researches in some conferences (ABRAF, ANPPOM, ABRAPEM, UFOP). He published the work "Jazz traces in the genres of Brazilian choro and baião: three case studies" (2007 CHARM Conference, Royal Holloway University, England) and the article “Ragtime traces in the Brazilian choro Segura ele! [Hold him!] by Pixinguinha: composition and performance hybridization after the trip to Paris in 1922”, (2012 LAMC Conference, Indiana University, USA)